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Календарь туров


National colour

There are more than 100 nationalities live in Udmurtia – Russians, Udmurts, Tatars, Besermyans, Maris, Chuvashs and others. The main population which has given the name the republic, - Udmurts, related on language to Finns and Hungarians (Finno-Ugric language group). The name of the people can be translated, as "the meadow people".

Buranovo village.

Famous "Buranovsky Grandmothers" live here. If you are lucky and Grandmothers won't be on tours, there is a chance to take a master class on preparation of national dishes.


Karamas-Pelga village.

The Center of the Udmurt culture is situated in 60 km from Izhevsk.

All guests are offered the possibility  to get acquainted with ceremonies of  Udmurts, master classes, songs and dances, dishes of ethnic cuisine.


Architecturally – the ethnographic museum is located on open air in 17 km from Izhevsk. The original country estates from the different regions of Udmurtia are presented  here and the national holidays are held.


Old Bygi village in the Sharkansky region. The cultural capital of the Finno-Ugric world in 2014.